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At the start of 2023 George Saunders and Tama joined forces to film his trip to see first-hand a unique process, that is enabling Tama to make crop baling products containing recycled materials. George has many followers online and you may have seen him at the Tama stand at the Lamma show this year, so we sat down with him and asked a few questions so you could get to know him a bit better.

What is your history in farming?

My initial jobs in agriculture revolved around dairying. After doing two years at Moulton agricultural college, my middle year work placement was working on a local dairy farm which I enjoyed so much that I didn’t go back to college! Instead, I worked for a further two years on the farm until the herd was sold. I then moved onto a larger three hundred cow dairy herd and was there for a further three years. At the end of all that I was looking for a change and went to work for an agricultural and utilities contractor. This is where I first operated various types of baler, including conventional, round and big bale and I encountered Tama products for the first time as well. After about 11 years, I then moved to another contractor that operated the latest equipment and used precision farming techniques, again I was using Tama products because of the performance and back-up that Tama offer. Most recently I have moved onto my wife’s family’s mixed farm, comprising of a hundred and twenty cow dairy herd with approximately 120 hectares of arable ground. We operate a round baler that bales all of the cows’ food and bedding, and we of course use Tamanet because it performs reliably time after time, helping to produce quality tight uniform bales.

How did you end up having a Youtube channel?

I have always had an interest in photography which evolved into taking videos about twenty years ago. With my interest in farming, I started to film tractors and machines working and one day about ten years ago I thought I would upload a video to Youtube, as I thought it would be of interest to some people. Indeed, it was and I got a few views, so I continued uploading and the channel has evolved from then on. Now it has over 62 million views, 110,000 subscribers and almost 1,000 videos! It has opened-up so many possibilities, including working with major manufactures like Tama, a company whose products I have used for many years so it seemed a natural fit.

What do you think about the future of farming and agriculture?

Farming is no doubt facing some serious challenges at the moment. I think becoming more efficient is going to be vital for all sizes of farm. Dealing ethically with byproducts of farming such as gases and plastics will help the industry become more sustainable. Tama is leading the way in partnership with Healix in transforming used twine and netwrap into brand new virgin polymer, which is then used to create new twine and netwrap. I was able to see and video the processes at Healix which is well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. On the whole I am looking forward to the challenges ahead, it will certainly be interesting!


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