Bold plan to reduce plastic waste from baling crops

Tama has taken a decisive step in its long-term plan to reduce the environmental impact of baling. The new Tama Cycle Netwrap and Twine are manufactured with a significant proportion of recycled and reused raw materials without any loss in product performance.

Protect the land for future generations
“Tama is now the market-leading manufacturer but we grew out of a collective of farmers and have retained our connection to the land,” says Mr. Bart Cope, Global Sales Director. “Changing to more sustainable manufacturing methods will protect the land, so future generations of farmers can grow the food we all depend on.

“Our products already contain the least plastic per tonne of crop baled and help farmers be more efficient by minimising breakages and downtime during harvest. The next step is more ambitious, we want to lead the industry in making changes throughout the product life cycle.”

Out of the land, back to industry
Over the years, Tama has already reduced and reused waste from its own manufacturing operations and looked at every stage of plastic production to develop more sustainable netwraps and twines. The Tama Cycle range is a step forward as it uses significantly higher percentages of post-industrial waste from Tama’s production and from other industries to improve the environmental footprint.

In Tama Cycle Twine, the company has taken on another challenge by collecting used twine from farmers and reincorporating it into the production process. This is an important first step in creating a circular resource loop for crop baling products which collects and reuses spent materials.

The ambition is for greatly increased collection and use of waste materials in the near future. For several years, Tama has championed the development of collection schemes which are now able to supply large volumes of materials. To help close the cycle, Tama also supports research to develop high-value secondary markets for these materials in their own operations and other sectors of the economy.

Staying close to farmers’ needs
Reliability and performance are the fundamental reason farmers choose Tama. While developing the Tama Cycle range, it has always been the first priority to sacrifice nothing with respect to performance.

“Using recycled raw materials and maintaining product quality was a challenge, but we all worked hard to overcome it.” says Mr. Cope. “To bring about the changes in the industry we wish to see, it is essential that our crop baling products lead the way with respect to quality.”

Tama Cycle Netwrap and Twine ensure impeccable and consistent performance, giving problem free baling and securely stored crops. All with less virgin plastic and more recycled materials.

For more information about Tama Cycle: Netwrap | Twine
Or speak to your local farm supplier.

This Australia Day, we all come together

Tama Australia is proud to work alongside farmers through good times and bad. Drought and Fires are seriously impacting farming communities across Australia and while they will continue to do so into the future, these unprecedented circumstances have resulted in a real call to action across all business sectors. The Tama Group are proud to partner with Burrumbuttock Hay Runners to help support farmers impacted by these devastating conditions.

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners and the support given to their initiative by the farming community offering relief though sourcing and delivering Hay to fellow farmers who are doing it tougher than traditional drought planning can cover, is simply an amazing accomplishment and a testament to the Australian mate ship spirit. A group that we at Tama are proud to be a part of.

Cereals – Europe’s Leading Technical Event For The Arable Industry

Are you coming to the show? Come visit us and learn about Tamanet+ and TamaTwine+. Cold beverages, warm hospitality and many more surprises are guaranteed. We are looking forward to see you.
More details soon
12th & 13th June 2019 Boothby Graffoe, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.
Read more about the Cerelas event

cereals show
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