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Environmentally Friendly. Perfectly Formed Bales.
Specially designed for DEUTZ-FAHR balers, our Netwrap gives you strong and reliable bales every time. It covers your bales completely and comes in longer lengths, so you can make more bales without stopping often. It’s lighter, reducing plastic waste, plus, it’s built to withstand strong sunlight. Perfect.

Deutz Fahr Netwrap 4500

Features & Benefits


Zebra ® System for User-Friendly Baling

A hassle-free experience with a unique striping pattern and ‘left/right’ indicator for a simpler baling process.


Roll Carry Handles for Safety and Convenience

Handles designed to increase safety and convenience during transport and handling.


Roll End Warning Stripe

A visible red stripe signals when the roll is running low, giving you a ‘heads up’ on when to replace it, without interruptions.


Guaranteed minimum length

Each roll contains the exact stated length — no “plus-or-minus” averages.


Cost effective

A longer roll means more bales per roll, reducing down time to reload and re-stock rolls, as well as other savings in fetching and carrying.


Edge to Edge®

Keeps the net wide as it feeds onto the bale, covering it completely. This protects your crop and keeps the bale's shape, reducing crop loss and making storage simpler.
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Bale+™ Technology

A unique combination of advanced raw material with a special manufacturing process for:
  • Length: Maximum bale net roll length (50% longer than standard 3000m roll)
  • Weight: Ideal net weight with no compromise on strength 
  • Consistency: Uniform consistency for hassle-free operation
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Length Width Weight Diameter Colour Rolls / Pallet
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Considerably reduces the time spent reloading the machine

Questions About Netwrap?
We’ve got the answers

For more FAQs

Questions About Netwrap?
We’ve got the answers

For more FAQs
Why Netwrap?

Round baling with Netwrap is the most convenient and least expensive way of wrapping your bale. Wrapping with Netwrap reduces costs by being faster than using twine and offers much better protection to the crop than twine ever could.
The main points include:

  • Less wear and tear on the baler
    Fewer revolutions of the bale are needed when net wrapping, dramatically reducing wear and tear on the baler.
  • Greater speed of operation
    Netwrap needs fewer revolutions, reducing the wrapping time and allowing up to 15-20 more bales per hour.
  • Better coverage on the bale
    Net wrapped bales maintain a more uniform shape, making transporting and handling easier, particularly important when wrapping silage bales on an automatic bale wrapper. Bale coverage from edge to edge is also essential when silage wrapping, eliminating air from the bale to ensure better quality forage.
  • Better weathering capability
    Net wrapped bales offer much better weathering capability, allowing outdoor storage and reducing loss from crop wastage.
  • Easier to remove
    Opening a net wrapped bale is a simple and straight-forward operation. The use of net eliminates the difficult and tiresome task of removing baler twine, especially in frosty conditions, and is also less likely to be picked up by livestock or machinery.
Netwrap Baling Tips
How many bales can be made from one roll of netwrap?
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