PolybalePro 1800


1,800 m

PolybalePro is a silage stretchfilm that gives farmers and contractors more bales per reel, time savings and improved silage quality. Manufactured using our patented Pro Technology, PolybalePro enhances the essential characteristics of silage stretchfilm and ensures 100% efficient wrapping.

PolybalePRO 1800 Roll Stretchfilm

Features & Benefits



20% more film per reel means more bales per reel and fewer reel changes resulting in increased output.



PolybalePro high strength stretch, and tear resistance helps to ensure efficient wrapping.



Suitable for both round and square bales across a variety of crops on all types of bale wrappers time after time.


Top Quality assurance

Our zero-tolerance approach to poor product quality ensures the production of a silage stretchfilm that delivers highly efficient bale wrapping.


Automatic thickness control

Thanks to continuous electronic monitoring of the film thickness throughout manufacture, PolybalePro has a uniform appearance at all stages of the wrapping process.



PolybalePro products are packaged in a PE sleeve, which can be recycled alongside the balewrap.


Polybale Pro Technology

Combining 5 star performance with pre-orientated film technology. This manufacturing process allows our films to be longer without compromising on strength.


Width Thickness Length
750 mm
23 μm
1800 m
750 mm
23 μm
1800 m

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Questions About Stretchfilm?
We’ve got the answers

For more FAQs

Questions About Stretchfilm?
We’ve got the answers

For more FAQs
What is the difference between 25-micron and 22-micron thicknesses as far as use by the farmer?

Assuming the ‘mechanical properties’ of the film are good enough, which most top manufacturers are, the main guarantee of good silage concerning the film, is that it seals well, and each application overlaps the last by at least 50%, with the best results coming from the application of at least 6 film layers. The actual difference in thickness of film going onto the bale, after the stretching rollers, is insignificant.

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Why do I get long tales on the bale after baling?
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