CLAAS Wrapex Stretch Wrap
CLAAS WRAPEX Stretchwrap

CLAAS Wrapex Stretchwrap is defined by its highest quality standards and enables the production of high quality silage.
CLAAS Wrapex Stretchwrap is manufactured at Europe‘s most advanced extrusion facilities, in specialized processes which ensure manufacture of the highest quality products. Also, with the provision of technical advice and support, “Wrapex” is more than just a product.

CLAAS Silage hay straw baler products
Uniformity and consistency
Excellent quality

High quality materials ensure constant high quality CLAAS products.

Best cling properties
Excellent cling

High bonding capacity on the inner layer of the film prevents the access of air to the silage and provides an excellent cling.

Water And Snow Resistance
Puncture and tear resistance

Wrapex Stretchwrap is made using a technology that provide excellent puncture and tear resistance.

UV radiation damage Protection
High UV protection

Wrapex Stretchwrap offers maximum protection against UV rays.

Roll ID
Roll identification

Each roll of CLAAS Stretchwrap is marked with an identification number.

Name Roll dimensions Rolls per pallet Colour
CLAAS Wrapex 750mm x 1500m 40 Black, Green
CLAAS Wrapex XL 750mm x 1600m 40 Black, Green
CLAAS Wrapex XL 750mm x 1650m 40 Black, Green
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