New Holland Invent

NEW HOLLAND can help you to save money, save time and work more efficiently, by choosing our new big bale twine.
NEW HOLLAND INVENT, a new twine that will help your business…

  • More than 25% longer length compared to normal Type 130.
  •  Guaranteed minimum 1,300m length per spool.
  •  Greater knotting efficiency from higher specification twine.
  •  Easier and more secure tying between spools.
  • 25% increase in bale output per full baler ‘spool load’.
  • Full baler load of NEW HOLLAND INVENT spools is able to make enough extra bales to fill 5 trucks, thank when using normal Type 130.
  • Suitable for use in ALL makes and models of large square balers.
  •   Spool dimensions able to fit in twine boxes on ALL makes and models of large square baler.
More Information
Spool dimensions Spool length Spool weight Palletisation
Height - 300mm maximum
Diameter – 295mm maximum
1,300m guaranteed minimum
length per spool
9kg 112 spools per pallet
packed into 56 x 2
spool packs
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