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Improve efficiency at your farm with these techniques


With the increased use of AI in agri tech, the future of farming looks promising. But what does this mean for farmers? This article explores how embracing agtech and using intelligent agri tech tools can improve farm efficiency and handle common challenges in farming.

The role of AI and GPS to improve farm efficiency

The use of technology in agriculture relies on AI and Global Positioning System (GPS) teaming up.
Here’s how they work together:

  • AI uses GPS data and data from weather satellites and soil sensors, to make quick, smart decisions.
  • AI uses on-farm data generated by farm management software to plan tasks like planting and harvesting, ensuring efficiency and minimal waste.
Precision agriculture to improve efficiency on farms

Improving hay farming with precision agriculture means using tools such as GPS mapping and crop sensors to gather info about soil, water, and crop growth stage. This info helps to determine where to apply crop inputs like fertiliser and water to limit waste. In this way, you only use what’s needed, where it’s needed, based on the data collected.

This precise, data-driven approach has huge efficiency benefits:

  • With up-to-date on-farm data on optimal nutrient or moisture levels, you save on input costs by only applying what each zone needs,
  • The precision application rates can be controlled by an app, reducing manual labour needs and time.
Tama products enhance modern hay baling and crop farming techniques.
How to improve farming efficiency with RFID technology

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification involves attaching tiny electronic tags which can wirelessly transmit data to a receiver. With crops, RFID tags can provide valuable data on growth, moisture levels, and even potential pest infestations. Useful for hay farmers, hay bales can be tagged. RFID tags capture harvest date, field, weight and moisture level.

How RFID makes farming more efficient:
  • Improved security of farm equipment
  • Data-driven decision-making for better crop management
  • Allows traceability for hay bales
  • Reduced labour costs for manual tracking and monitoring
Farm management software

Farm management software apps are virtual command centres for farmers to plan, monitor, and make informed decisions about their farming activities.

These software tools allow farmers to keep track of their tasks, from planting schedules to livestock feeding routines. They can also monitor their crops, livestock, and equipment in real-time, receiving alerts about potential issues or maintenance needs.

How it makes farming more efficient
  • Centralised management of tasks and activites
    • Data-driven decision-making for improved resource allocation
    • Forecasting and planning for better crop yields and livestock management
    • Streamlined record-keeping and compliance with regulations

Tama products enhance modern hay baling and crop farming techniques. To find out more about how our products can help improve efficiency on a crop farm, optimise storage and more reach out to the Tama Assist team.

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