Stories from the field

“Just luxury…” Farmers and contractors explain why they choose to use Tama’s products.

Steven Shedd

Farmer, Contractor
Barton Farms
Always ties. Getting good bale weights.

Yannick Duneau

Sarl Duneau
The new twine made it possible to safely move up to 100% performance on our baler.

Nigel Hughes

York, UK
I like the new John Deere XtraNet 3600 because of its outstanding quality. It is a very consistent product. I can just put in a new roll and go. I am able to achieve 50 bales per roll more than before. There is no messing about. I also think the handles are great. They make it easier and safer to lift the rolls.

M. Bregeot

les Vosges, France
Thanks to John Deere XtraNet 3600, I make approximately 24% more bales than with a standard net. I save time in handling and I use less space for storage. This net also provides fantastic protection against bad weather. It adapts perfectly to my baler, a John Deere 592 High Flow. The bales produced are well formed and durable over time.

P. Metzmacher

For 4 years I wrapped my bales with John Deere XL 3150 Netwrap. This net covered them really well from one edge to the other. In 2005 I tried the new John Deere Xtranet 3600. Apart from the very good covering, I was able to make up to 300 1.5 metre diameter straw bales with only one roll. Now I can bale a full 9 hours without changing the net roll.

Ken Conley

Dealer, General Manager
General Manager
Rickerby Ltd.
Tama gives us excellent backup when there's a problem in the field. It's vitally important that we can get a hold of somebody who has the knowledge, has the experience, and when we ring Tama we get an answer.
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Paul Petersson

Tranbergs Jordbruks
AB, Sweden
The twine worked superbly,
with no broken bales.

Martin Brooks

Brooks Agri-service
Lancaster, UK
When we started using the Tama Edge to Edge™, we notice a big change in the look of the bales. They're now really well covered. Tama Edge to Edge™ longer rolls mean there's less time to change the roll of the net over. We're saving money, saving time and we can get more done in a day.
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Steve Harre

We've found out last year that after using the bales with the B-Wrap™ on it, they were just like the day we baled them. There was just very little loss at all. We went probably from a 15% loss to about a 2 to 3% loss. It was just a nicer, cleaner straw.
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Mark McGrory

Iowa, USA
There is auction company south of us, and we have sold hay there before. We took some of the B-Wrap™ hay down there to just see how people would react to it. A lot of interest in it, it was the bestselling hay that day.
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Darron Schoen

We've seen time and time again cattle will go to the same hay that's got B-Wrap™ on it and eat it before they will the netwrap hay out the same field, baled the same day.
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Alistair Rowley

Baling Contractor
Bolton, UK
I know with confidence I can send lads out to different farms and know they'll not have any problems, and they will get the job done. The balers don't struggle with it, it doesn't stick to the feed rollers. Just... luxury.
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