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Tama brings its Pallet Wrap expertise to the UK


2022 was a challenging year for producers not just in the UK but across Europe as well. Extreme heat and extended spells of dry weather left the UK produce growers with a real battle on their hands. But the challenge wasn’t only with growing conditions. Storage and transport were affected as well ensuring the produce arrived at its destination in top condition.

Ed Leggett, Pallet Wraps Regional Sales Manager explains more:

“2023 has driven producers to look at all aspects of their operation. With the extreme heat, reduced cropping in  some areas and the increase in energy costs, producers have been looking at ways to improve their operation. One that
is often overlooked is how produce pallets are wrapped and most importantly, how that produce arrives at the customers premises.

Because of this there has been an increased demand for ventilated pallet wrapping that allows the pallets to breathe. Many producers have seen issues around condensation in recent seasons. Moving produce pallets from stores, packhouses and though the supply chain has exposed those pallets to multiple temperature changes.

I frequently find myself up at the crack of dawn, walking the wholesale markets across the country. Whilst doing this I have noticed more and more producers having issues with condensation. Often causing damage to paper bag products, as well as those products in boxes.

Time and time again I witnessed potential customers making split-second judgements based on how the pallet(s) looks and would often walk past, only stopping when they found a pallet that had no condensation issues”.

...designed specifically so you can use less wraps per pallet, allowing for maximum ventilation...

“Luckily, we have just the solution” said Ed. “Our range of ventilated pallet wraps in both machine application and hand rolls have helped many customers reduce condensation on their pallets. Tama have been in the industry for 40+ years so we know a thing or two about making high quality, truly effective, pallet wrap.

All our products are full of patented technology that allows for maximum ventilation, as well as maximum support. Often the key to a well wrapped pallet is to ensure it’s well supported, traditionally this means the pallet has more layers of wrapping applied. Which when you’re looking for ventilation is a negative, the more wraps applied, the less amount of ventilation is achieved.

Tama products are designed specifically so you can use less wraps per pallet, allowing for maximum ventilation compared to other products in the marketplace. Also, quicker wrapping times are achieved by simply having to spend less time wrapping, meaning you can wrap more pallets per day than ever before.

Overall our advantages allow the producers product(s) to arrive in the best possible condition to their customers, which is the key factor”.

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