Tama Netfilm, a solution for every product

All-around ventilation
Allows great aeration even when overlapped
All-around grip
Excellent grip on goods for full stabilization
All-around visibility
Ensures a sturdy good looking pallet
All-around compatibility
Suitable for all types of wrapping machines
All-around responsibility
Eco-friendly product with less plastic and minimum waste. Learn more>>
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Ed Leggett
Ed Leggett
Pallet Wrap Regional Sales Manager
Tama UK

Products that require refrigeration and fast freezing

Food & drink

Products such as dairy, meat, beverages and canned food

Fresh products

Fresh products such as products that require ventilation


Building materials and chemicals

Heating materials

Firewood and more

We offer various length and various stretch levels:

Pre Stretched

Product Length Pallet
NetFilm 20 5500 m 32 Rolls

Pre Stretchable

Product Length Minimum Elongation Pallet
NetFilm 200 1900 m 200% 40 Rolls
NetFilm 250 1700 m 250% 40 Rolls
Product Length Box Pallet
NetFilm 20 Manual 785 m 4 Rolls 224 Rolls
NetFilm 20 Manual (3” core) 785 m 4 Rolls 224 Rolls
NetFilm 20 Manual (2” core) 785 m 6 Rolls 288 Rolls

Please for technical and practical information

Introducing Tama Netfilm – All-around ventilated pallet wrap

Tama is happy to present Tama Netfilm: All-around ventilation, All-around visibility, All-around stabilization, All-around performance, All-around reliability, All-around consistency. Tama Netfilm has it all. Contact us to schedule your PalleTime!

NetFilm Wrap Robot
Netfilm Brochure Print A5
Netfilm Brochure Digital

All-around environmental responsibility
Biggest holes -> Much Less plastic
Closed loop production -> Maximum reuse of production waste
Longer rolls -> Less cardboard cores used
Compact packaging -> Less storage space
Efficient and clean production -> Minimum carbon footprint and no air pollution

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