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Lord Muck closes the baling loop


The popular UK based YouTuber ‘Lord Muck‘, recently took to the road to see just what happens to TamaCycle Twine after it has been delivered to farms across Europe.   Following the twine from farm, to recycling plant, to manufacturing facility and then back to the farm again.   Showing, in just a few seconds, how this innovative twine is manufactured using recycled twine, no bottles, no bags, just used agricultural plastic, keeping it exactly where it belongs, on the farm and out of landfill.

We partner with collection schemes across Europe to ensure used twine, netwrap and stretchfilm is collected from end users and shipped to our recycling partners, where it is cleaned, dried, chopped and regranulated before being delivered back to our factories.

TamaCycle, the first twine made from twine, closing the manufacturing loop and helping change perceptions that agri-plastics can only be a single use tool.

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