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Stretcfilm grows to 1,800m

The Virtues of 1800 metres roll length

More and more baled silage contractors around the world are making the switch from what has been the traditional 1500m roll of stretchfilm to a new advanced 1800m roll of silage bale wrapping film. With its added convenience and efficiency, this is no surprise.

Investment in new technology and out of the box thinking has made it possible to increase roll length from the traditional 1500m to 1800m. With this additional 300m length, contractors can wrap 20% more bales per reel, meaning less downtime to change reels, saving more time for the important things in life.

Those who make the switch will also benefit from the film’s enhanced oxygen barrier and UV protection for bales, whatever the weather, suitable for use on both round and square bales and on any type of crop and bale wrapping machinery.

Innovations in packaging

The 1800m roll has been achieved by replacing the traditional box with innovative sleeve packaging, fully utilising the wasted space to allow for this additional 300m per roll.

This new packaging offers significant advantages for all users.

  • Pallets are more stable for handling and transportation with less movement between the reels.
  • The sleeve is ten times lighter than a standard cardboard carton
  • The weight saving combined with the 20% longer length means that for every ten pallets of 1500m film the number of pallets required is reduced to just eight, resulting in an overall reduction of almost 45kg in packaging material used on every pallet.
...wrap 20% more bales per reel, meaning less downtime to change reels...
Easier to handle and recycle

The convenient sleeve packaging means that there are no bulky boxes to handle and dispose of and recycling is made easier as the sleeve packaging is manufactured from the same material as the bale wrap. Resulting in no requirement to seperate the recycling materials.

A further advantage of sleeve packaging is that it does not need to be removed until it is on the pre stretching unit of the wrapper, giving better protection to the film and quicker loading of new rolls. In addition, the water repellent cardboard core also gives protection against humidity and is recyclable.

Offering significant time saving, the use of 1800m rolls also results in 20% less handling, transportation and storage space required for users.

Ditch the box, save time

With these benefits, is it any wonder that farmers and contractors alike are ditching the box? Free up 20% more of your time with 1800m balewrap. Contact your local crop baling dealer today!

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