Together we grow for change

Our commitment to the land

By 2025 Tama aims to lead an industry-wide revolution to a more sustainable and effective use of materials
used crop baling products
Cotton Wrap

Contributing to a sustainable future already today!


End of product-life management
Together we aim to simplify the farmers ways to return spent materials after their useful life on-farm ends. Join us in our efforts to strive for change!
10 Countries already collecting +18 Countries by 2025
New Zealand


A better environment for future generations of farmers.”
More bales, Less plastic
Develop products and manufacturing processes that minimize plastic use.
TamaNet plus logo
Save 218kg of plastic
Improved technology and design compared to standard netwrap. When making 5,000 bales with a diameter of 1.70 m and 3 wraps of the bale.
More about TamaNet
TamaNet plus Royal logo
Save 45% of plastic
TamaNet plus Royal
390 kg Less CO2 700kg Plastic saving 150L Less Diesel 1.5 Less wraps per bale
More about TamaNet Royal
TamaTwine plus logo
Save 570kg of plastic
LSB Power 2800
25% Less Plastic per bale 570kg Less plastic 57 Less packs per 10k bales 35% More twine per pack
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It’s not just plastic

We are collaborating with key companies in our field to reduce waste and CO2 in everyway possible.
Traditional mechanized picking
The new On-Board Module Builder revolution
A combined project with John Deere
Less tools
Less fuel
Less time
Less CO2


Baling for a better tomorrow
Our manufacturing process uses materials made from recycled crop baling products.
Leading the industry with first of its kind ecologic solution for crop baling products.
TamaCycle Netwrap TamaCycle Twine
Made with post-consumer recycled material and post-industrial waste!
TamaCycle Netwrap TamaCycle Twine


We are investing in innovative technologies that will enable plastic-free solutions for the crop baling industry.

Plastic isn’t the enemy, our single-use mindset is.”

Deniz Gülsöken, social and environmental justice specialist
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