Agribale NRF
Agribale NRF Roll

Tama’s world leading crop baling product range supports all types of baling – twine for small conventional as well as all large square bales and round baling with Netwrap and NRF.

Agribale NRF, manufactured by BPI, can be used in all round balers fitted with a suitable system for film binding application. Not all round balers will allow for NRF use and we recommend to check your baler manufacturer’s recommendations to confirm suitability, before purchasing.

NRF is an alternative binding material to Netwrap for round bale grass silage, maize and sugar beet pulp, It is not suitable for use with dry crops such as dry hay and cereal straw.

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More Information
Product name Width (mm) Thickness (μm) Length (m) Pallet Dimensions (cm) Reels/Pallet Pallet Height (cm)
Agribale NRF 1380 16 2000 112 x 147 20 ± 110
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