CLAAS Baletex Twine
CLAAS Baletex 130XL 2800m pack white

The BALETEX 130 XL is a unique development for the professional Big Bale contractor.
lt combines the reliable performance of the ‘traditional’ Type 130 twine, with a dramatic increase in length.  And yet, the spool will fit in EVERY Large Square Baler.
BALETEX 130 XL, in spools of 1400m/roll (or 2800m/pack), brings a huge increase of 35% MORE twine in each spool compared to the ‘traditional’ Type 130 spool size. lt increases the output capacity of the baler by more than one third per full baler spool load.
Using BALETEX 130 XL will save money:

  • Adds up to 35% more Meter in each pallet of twine.
  • Reduces the total number of packs needed for your baling requirement.
  • lncreases the amount of baled crop per full baler spool load.
CLAAS Silage hay straw baler products
Very good operating efficiency
Uniformity and consistency

CLAAS QUADOTEX Twine is manufactured to a Quality Assurance system, ensuring uniformity and consistency throughout.

Easy feed system
Easy feed system

The ’easy feed’ spool system provides a wider spool center from which twine is drawn allowing it to run free and easier from the spool center without kinking. This eliminates problems in the twine guides and knotter mechanism.

High Strength and Consistent
High strength

All CLAAS twines are highly fibrillated, guaranteeing that the twist is uniformly applied to the twine allowing trouble free operation through the twine guides and knotter mechanism.

Product Name Spool Length(m) Pack Length (m) Pack Weight (kg) Colour Max Height (mm) Max Diameter (mm) Packs Per Pallet
Baletex 130 XL 1,400 2,800 20 White 310 300 48
Baletex 130 XL Long 1,500 3,000 19.5 Rust 310 290 48
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