TamaTwine Impax® Technology

Tama is proud to introduce the next generation of baler twine with Impax® patented technology. Watch video>>

Impax® technology twine is formulated to provide unparalleled baling efficiency and built to withstand the shock load exerted on the twine during bale ejection.

This characteristic guaranteeing secured knots and unrivaled knot performance.

Impax® technology means TOTAL WORKABILITY!

Knot protection Knot Protection
Unmatched Baler Output
Superior knotting performance Superior Knotting Performance
Recycleable & sustainable Recyclable & Sustainable
Less Wear & Tear
Knot protection
Knot Protection

Energy absorption mechanism assures secured knots, guaranteeing less mis-ties, knot slips or knot breakages.
This means Peace of mind.

Unmatched baler output
Unmatched Baler Output

The longest spools ever made allowing dramatic increase in baling efficiency.
Much more bales per each baler output.

Superior knotting performance
Superior Knotting Performance

A smaller diameter twine which enables ease of use within the tying system of the baler. No need for baler adjustments to get perfect knots every time, with long tails / loops.
Far Less downtime.

Recycleable sustainable
Recyclable & Sustainable

Produced with fully recyclable materials, however with up to 20% less plastic compared to equivalent twine for the same application.
Reduced carbon footprint.

Less wear tear
Less Wear & Tear

The smaller diameter twine flows better in the knotting system and is less abrasive therefore baler parts need less maintenance throughout the season.
Major savings.

Impax® Technology

The next generation of baler twine. A patented technology that is now ‘built in’ to Tama’s new range of premium big baler twines.
Impax® is a revolutionary new technology designed specifically to withstand the shock-load exerted on twine during bale ejection. An innovation that guarantees secured knots, faultless, unbroken bales and fuss free baling, allowing the user to concentrate on getting the job done.

Product name Unit of measure Unit weight (kg) Unit length (m) Max height (mm) Max diameter (mm) Colour Qty per pallet
TamaTwine+ Impax HD Ultimate 1,620m Single spool 14.1 1,620 385 320 Violet 36
TamaTwine+ Impax HD Ultimate 1,320m Single spool 11.7 1,320 360 300 Violet 48
TamaTwine+ Impax HD Ultimate 1,200m Single spool 10.5 1,200 340 295 Violet 48
TamaTwine+ Impax HD Prime 1,800m Single spool 14.1 1,800 380 320 Violet 36
TamaTwine+ Impax HD Prime 1,500m Single spool 11.7 1,500 360 300 Violet 80
TamaTwine+ Impax HD Prime 1,360m Single spool 10.5 1,360 340 295 Violet 48
TamaTwine+ Impax LSB Power 3,040m Pack 20.2 3,040 315 295 Violet 56
TamaTwine with Impax® Technology - Total workability

After years of development, thousands of hours in the field, field trials in 5 continents, baling over 3,000,000 bales with multiple balers, under the toughest conditions and highest densities, Tama Impax® technology is finally here and the square baling world will never be the same. Welcome to a world of total workability!

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